Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goat in Chinese Cooking

Many known goat or lamb are mostly use in Western cuisine, hardly chinese restaurant offer any cooking with lamb.  In China, mostly use lamb for "刷刷锅" and Indian use as "Kambing soup".  The opportunity came to me by reference to explore what goat can do in chinese cuisine and here are what I've done for them.
- sponsored by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)

Below are dishes presented by invited chefs from other hotels and restaurants during the dinner at Berjaya College organised by MLA.


KyoEi Tokyo Ramen @ Pavillion 6th Floor

It is hard to decide what to eat due to too much choices in Pavillion, I was looking for a ramen restaurant which who was just put up an advertorial in one of the local newspaper, but failed and ended up in this.  I would say it is highly recommended, but one thing, it is kind of costly in my personal opinion. 


Food in Muar

Been to Muar for food the second time, looking for something new from the previous trip along the famous food street.  Before anything, "Goreng Pisang & Keledek" is a must have appetizer to me. 

The fried oyster is commonly well-known and found the clear soup fish noodle by surprise as the stall don't really attract our attention, no regret and is worth to recommend.  Being a bit talkative, found the Char-Kuey-Teow from the local customer who set next to us, can try but there is different if you compare it with real Penang char-kuey-teow.  The fried chicken is from the chain restaurant Chicken Delights.


Melaka Wantan Mee @ Jln Bunga Raya

Though I'm Malaccan, but have not been for this famous and favourite wantan mee at Jln Bunga Raya for years.  Still taste as good as those day.  

Above 六味汤 is from the famous duck noodle shop.  

Breakfast @ Petaling Street

For years have been talking wanna purposely drive down-town to Petaling Street for breakfast on food that everyone have been talking about - the porridge and "ju-cheong-fan", done it finally and no disappointment, worth to drive all the way.

Formosa Taiwan Restaurant (Sg. Wang)

The way of cooking and taste simply suits my appetite super well, that is also the reason why it is my top priority restaurant whenever I gonna dine in Sg Wang Plaza down town.


Feng Lye Restaurant (Taiwanese Food) @ The Garden

Feng Lye (逢来) Restaurant who specialized in Taiwanese food is one of my favourite restaurant whenever I do my shopping in Garden or KLCC.  Majority of the dishes that I've tried were good so far, except one or two.  Apart from the taste of the food, the embiance, service and price are reasonable.