Monday, March 19, 2012

Boston Baru Restaurant, Klang

What will be your comment if you gonna wait for 1+ hour for your order, 95% of the crowd are youngster, and yet the crowd is non stop coming at time around 11pm!! It's just like Restaurant Murni in SS2, rented one shop, but the business spread through out the entire corridor. I'm sure some of you might wish this is your business.

Altogether there are 13 of us, and we ordered 11 dishes, total bill came out to RM190. As commented by the local, everything is good within the shop, except fried green vege. True enough, all dishes are very tasty, but the steam chicken simply too salty for me, while the shop signature lala soup is too hot for me, too much of chili padi. The best is the fried kuay-teow, is a must try dish and fried green vege is not recommended. The fried green vege is too waterly and lack of crunchiness as well as kind of over cook.The "wok-qi" is superb for the fried kuay-teow, the taste is great and dry enough which caused the kuay-teow have a good bite.This is the signature lala soup I mentioned which is too hot due to over input of chili padi. However, if it is gonna compare to "Lala Chong" in Kayu Ara, Lala Chong is preferred.The soup taste of the chicken is good, but simply too salty for me. People who preferred strong taste may like this.
Fruit salad "hei-gor" is different from we normally can get it out there. The salad sauce has added can fruit juices and among all of us, few don't like it.Below hokkian noodle and mee-hoon are comparable to the fried kuay-teow and is worth trying.While the butter-oat hei-gor not too exciting, may get the better one else-where, likewise the same for the sizzling seafood.The address is 1E, Jln Kapar, Klang for those who like to give it a try.

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